Let me guess you’re happy about being promoted to management but wondering how you got the position because you have no management experience.  Some people might even feel they grabbed the short straw.  Not so!

You were promoted to management because you’ve consistently demonstrated management skills. Let me prove it to you.  See if you agree with any of the statements below:

1) You have successfully led a team of people on project(s).

2) Others ask you for help or information and you willingly answer, or direct them to the right party, or you find the answer.

3) You don’t get bogged down in office politics or conflict. You look for solutions instead.

4) You listen to others when they speak and think before you reply.

5) Your offered a variety of tasks or opportunities.

6) Your skills are top notch and you keep learning.

7) You’ve built relationships with others in different departments.

I bet you found yourself nodding your head in agreement to most if not all of the statements. The leaders in the organization have been paying attention to you, your actions, and your results. You have demonstrated the qualities of a good first time manager. In addition, management most likely received some positive feedback from other department leaders or customers.

So, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for a job well-done (only for a short while).  Your management career is just beginning and there is a lot to learn but you’re off to a great start. You’ve been promoted to management so its time to learn about management because this is your new skillset. Get training, read books, get a mentor, work with a coach, emulate someone who is a great manager. Get out of the trenches and let your staff do the hands-on work so you can become an excellent manager.