Career coaching is a partnership between client and coach designed to provide a confidential and supportive environment in which to define goals, design a roadmap and implement strategies to successfully reach those goals. Career coaching can be focused to address immediate job-related situations, short-term or long-term goals.

A career coach is:

  • a trained professional who provides expert advice, guidance, and support to those who are seeking career success
  • an objective observer and listener who can often see situations more clearly than the client
  • dedicated to helping their clients develop goals, plans, and action steps towards their career goal
  • a sounding board who will  challenge you to do your best, will work with you through the tough times, and will celebrate with you as you achieve success

Examples of areas in which working with a career coach can benefit you and your organization:

  • work effectively with your manager
  • deal with difficult personalities
  • resolve conflict
  • handle specific job-related situations
  • evaluate and enhance your management style
  • create a career path
  • polish your interviewing skills
  • develop the leader within
  • build  a team
  • implement development plans for yourself and your staff

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Thanks for all of your hard work in delivering the Management sessions this year. You truly are a “loved” facilitator here. It is rare to see stars in a participants eyes when they realize its your workshop.

Rob P.

Federal Reserve Bank

I’ve attended several training programs in the past, and this was by far the most useful learning experience I’ve ever had the fortune in which to participate. I would highly recommend Management Fundamentals to any manager who wants to find ways to become more productive.

John C.


Your coaching revitalized me. I’ve been undermining my own future. Thanks for helping me find this new perspective and making it click for me.

Doris K

Coaching Client

Thank you for the creative ideas during the virtual training. You gave me some nice suggestions of “conversations” I should be having both at performance appraisal time and throughout the sales year.

Joan T.

Cengage Learning

Do you know that immediately following the class, that I was able to use a lot of the items I learnt and started implementing them immediately in my day to day. 5-15-5 Report for my manager and my directs back to me, using influencing without authority, handling a difficult behavior by a team member and holding them accountability for results. This class has really made a big difference in the way I approach situations, and that is a testament to how well you instructed the class and making the connection with the real world situations. It was truly one of the best courses I have ever taken part in, thank you for that.

Dale K