Janet was an excellent trainer and would highly recommend her for future training. She was very professional and brought real life examples into the class.

Stan K.

Rotary International

Excellent workshop. Topics were relevant and directly supportive of my role. Interaction with peers in other departments was very valuable. This was a very good use of my time and provided exceptional training.

Donna K.

Capital One

Did I fail to tell you that you now have a following here? 🙂 You now are “branded” as one of our great facilitators! That is high praise from these folks! 🙂

Susan O.


Just wanted to say thanks for the past few days of training. It was good to have a refresher of what we learned a few years ago and the new material for having an effective team and becoming an even more effective and influential manager

Ian B.


It is amazing how you are able to capture everyone’s attention every minute of the training session by tying in the material with your experiences and real world challenges. You truly make these sessions fun and interesting and make it very easy for everyone to relate to the material. You will be pleased to hear that I have already started to take actions as a result of your training. Thank you again for yet another valuable and fun 2 days.

Katharina K.


Thank you Janet! I walked out of the training with some insights and tools that I can go back to when I “get lost” in the future. Hope our paths cross again.

Sue L.


I was pleased that we could find common ground even though we students were from different backgrounds. Great Facilitation. Good mixing up of student teams, good self assessment, good fill in the blank questionnaire.

Jonathan P.


Janet was able to answer tough Management questions with a response that is very real and practical.

Grace K.

Federal Reserve Bank

Great class, informative and filled with practical knowledge that I will apply immediately.

Amanda B.


Janet is an engaging instructor and steered the discussion into interesting topics. She knows her subject and was effective at illustrating points thru stories from her experience and getting us to share our challenges.

Pat S.


It helped me know more about myself and how to work with others within my organization

Matt K.

Construction Specialities

The workshop was very informative and interesting. The instructor was excellent. I liked the role playing and the class interaction. I can apply this tomorrow

John G.


I have so many tools to help me now. I know I will be in a much better position to reach my potential.

Roger G.


Janet was great. She customized the discussions, exercises and role-plays the to our world. Without that it would have been a plain communications class.

Toni B


THANK YOU Janet. The coaching sessions gave me a roadmap to follow and I’m excited to tell you I was just promoted to Director. This is something that I wanted for a long time and I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and gentle pushing to make myself accountable.

Margaret N.

coaching client

I’m in India and my team is in the USA. It was great to attend a virtual training class with my entire team. You made it seem like we were all in the same place and I learned too.

Singh M